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İFAC441 1998-2005 v3.7




It's good to be young
And gifted again
To see if it all happens twice
And watch all the things that
Went wrong with my life
And try and explain it at night

Who wants to be adored?

She always gets anything that she wants
Explains it as clearly as day
And where there's a way in existing to her When the drugs and the pain couldn't stay And she can take this part of me And turn it and tame it and set it all free To be ignored

(It sounds so nice, huh?)

She just knows when it happens to me
She always knows my way
She sees straight through and believes that it's true She always smiles and makes my day She wants to be adored Just let me this chance To bite and smash right through 'Cause I'm going to dig this thing in you I'm going to get it and crush it through your head 'Til all the pain is gone And you are dead

And it can be all yours
Who wants to be adored?
And it can be all yours
Who wants, who wants, who wants to be, to be adored?