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İFAC441 1998-2005 v3.7


First Name   David
Last Name   Potts
Nick Name   Printable one "Pottsy"
Date Of Birth   15/07/1970
Place Of Birth   Farnworth, Boltom. Hmmm
Favorite Color   Blue
Favorite Dish   Indian - Fish Makhan
Favorite Car   My very own Citroen DS 1974
Favorite Movie  Two For The Road Albert Finney & Audrey Heartburn
Favorite Book   The Diving-Bell And The Butterfly - Tragic But Great
Favorite Band   Ping Pong Pang
Favorite Single / Album   Live Forever - Oasis / The White Album - The Beatles
Favorite Music Video   Brushed - Paul Weller (Made By Lawrence Watson)
Favorite Country visited   France / US
Favorite Live Experience With Revenge   Inssbruck Austria (Hooky's Leather pants!)
Favorite Revenge Song   Tough One! er....Pineapple Chunks
Favorite Joy Division Song   Disorder
Favorite New Order Song   Procession
Instrument used with Revenge   Bass/bvs