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İFAC441 1998-2005 v3.7


Formerly bass / guitar player with REVENGE

First Name   Brian
Last Name   Whittaker
Nick Name   Bris
Date Of Birth   15/03/1965
Place Of Birth   Manchester...of course
Favorite Color   Green
Favorite Dish   Chicken chat...or any biryani curry
Favorite Car   Smart car
Favorite Band   Porcupine Tree
Favorite Single / Album   Ceremony/New Order
Favorite Music Video   Revenge Deadbeat {only cos I'm in it}:}:}:}:}
Favorite Country visited   Anywhere in Greece especially Crete
Favorite Live experience   With Revenge Cities in the Park in front of 10,000 People for Martin Hannett
Favorite Revenge Song   "Soul"....should have been a single if
someone {i.e. the singer} hadn't ripped of the entire lyrics and riff from some obscure 60s song and was too scared to release it.

Instrument used with Revenge   Bass/and Guitar Shergold 4 and 6 string basses. Musicman Stingray 4 and 5 string basses. Shergold Masquerader guitar.