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Gun World Porn Enquirer

            Vol. 1  January, 1992       

JFK VISITS LOCAL K-MART: Tells Shoppers He Has Returned For Revenge

Revenge is back with a second release, an EP called Gun World Porn. The new Revenge line-up is Chris "CJ" Jones, keyboard and programming; David Potts, guitar and vocals; Mike Hedges, drums; Brian Whittaker, bass; Peter "Hooky" Hook, bass and vocals ;while best known for his work with Joy Division and New Order, would like everyone to known that Revenge is, has been, and was always intended as a proper band. "It's not 'Hooky's play thing.' I'm getting a tiny bit bored now with people who think I'm just pissing about while New Order are hibernating." Gun World Porn was recorded chez Hooky in his Manchester, England basement and was produced by the band, with additional production and remix of "Deadbeat" by Gary Clail.


Presidential Switcheroo!
Aliens Kidnap Bush, Put One Of Their own In White House

Revenge has experienced a slight lineup change, trading in one Dave (Hicks) for another (Potts). "Dave started life working at a bank," says CJ. " We saved him from that just in time. He was working at Hooky's studio for about three weeks during the time we were recording our LP, and he ended up showing the old guitarist how to play the parts. He was also one of the bass players when we started playing live last time. He's a fabulous guitarist."


"He's The Next Elvis," Says Cher
    It's important to note that Revenge, though conveniently labeled "Peter Hook's side project," is far from a dictatorship. "What tends to happen," explain CJ, "is that David and Myself write most of the material, and Pete comes down at a later date and polishes it off or gets rid of most of it."
"It's much more a democracy than the press would have you believe."
Reports of Hook's strong personality are clarified by CJ, who explains what it's like to work with him.
" He's a real workaholic, and unless you're prepared to do the same, it's tough. In   the early days, I thought he was a monster."


As a band, Revenge is only nearing its second birthday, though Hook and CJ go back about 10 years. "Peter used to work at a place called Strawberry Studios in Manchester, and I was engineering there," CJ recalls. "Basically, he gave me my first break.
"After that, he moved on, bought a studio in Rochdale, and took me along to run the place. One day he turned up and decided to start a band. Being that I did a tiny little bit of keyboards, I ended up getting roped into this somehow. It's nice, after engineering for so many bands and seeing them rise to fame, and there I was stuck in a studio in crummy Rochdale!"
The initiation period was brief. Revenge released their debut album, One True Passion. They braved a crowd of 2,500 on their second performance as a band and collected positive reviews from the normally bloodthirsty British press. Their most recent live 1991 appearance was for 18,000 fans at a Manchester festival called Cities In The Park.
Beach Blanket Barbecue!

Though the band might not agree, one of the main ingredients of Revenge is sex. Their first gig was at London's Skin 2 party, a "rubber and leather" affair. Their 1990 debut album, One True Passion, featured photos of some rather attractive women shot by former Playboy model Suze Randall. The video for "Pineapple Face" was banned apparently because Peter was wearing a chastity belt around his neck. And Frankly, Gun World Porn is a very sexy album.


Messages Include Recipe For Mock Apple Pie
While recently sequestered in the studio, Peter Hook managed to smuggle out the answers to these questions:
    What do you like best about CJ and Dave?
"With CJ it's his blond hair, the way he holds a cigarette and his inability to say no. As talent goes, he's wasted it for years; I'm glad he now has a chance to catch up on using it. With David, it's his youth, enthusiasm and his talent that just flows out unchecked. That's what I do: check and channel. Dead Easy."
    What are three things you like best about yourself?
"My girlfriend Jane, my kids Heather and Jack, and family and friends, wherever they may be."
    What do you think is the most important thing people should know about Revenge?
"I don't think anyone needs to know anything. It's what you hear that makes the difference. Then make up your own mind."
    What three questions would you like never to be asked again?
"Four questions. These!"


Adjectives fainted trying to describe the album. We therefore prescribe a copy of Revenge's Gun World Porn and recommend that you listen to form your own fantasies.

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