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Monaco Live @ Reading Festival [UK 30.08.1998]

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Rock    Me

Reading Backstage with Manuel, Pottsy and Barney

Lucky You

© 1998, Manuel Caviglia

Hi all, Finally I have got the first picture in the world including Barney and Pottsy together. I was at the Reading after show. Pottsy was sitting on the floor near to Stephen and Gillian. Barney was walking near to him. Pottsy to get his attention pinch Barney's grasp! I absolutely wanted to get a picture with them but Barney seemed quite tired and not in such a good mood. While they were talking together I asked to Pottsy if he could give to Hooky a little present I had to him (Hooky's face on 50 pounds) because Peter was gone. Pottsy showed it to Bernard and he smiled and liked it a lot. So I thought it was a good moment to ask for the picture......That's it.

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