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New Order Live Tape




Blackpool, Scamps 80 CS LIVE concert without Gillian Gilbert
Boston Underground 80 CS LIVE concert without Gillian Gilbert
Live from Manchester Squat 80 CS LIVE Gillian debut
Soundcheck from London Haven 81 CS LIVE New Order playing Joy Division songs
Hamburg Markthalle 81 CS LIVE  
Manchester Hacienda 83 CS LIVE  
Austin Nightlife 83 CS LIVE  
New York Paradise garage 83 CS LIVE  
Amsterdam Paradiso 84 CS LIVE  
Leuester Palais 84 CS LIVE  
Roskilde festival 84 CS LIVE  
Sunderland Mayfair suite 84 CS LIVE  
Preston Guild Hall 85 CS LIVE  
Wolverhampton Civic Hall 86 CS LIVE  
Birmingham Tower Ballroom 86 CS LIVE  
Irvine Meadows 87 CS LIVE New Order playing a live version of Substance
Wembley Arena 87 CS LIVE  
Birmingham NECC 89 CS LIVE  
Glasgow SECC 89 CS LIVE  
Universal city 89 CS LIVE  
Reading Festival 93 CS LIVE  
Manchester Apollo 16-7-98 CS LIVE  
Ally Pally 31-12-98 CS LIVE  

New Order Videos (Pal-Secam)




Islington 85 PAL LIVE 55 minutes
Berlin 81 PAL LIVE 45 minutes
Toronto 93 PAL LIVE 80 minutes
Paris 82 PAL LIVE 15 minutes
Glastonbury 87 PAL LIVE 80 minutes; quality = G
Leuven 85 PAL LIVE 60 minutes; quality = VG
Leeds Tiffany 85 PAL LIVE 50 minutes; quality = G
Salford 85 PAL LIVE 55 minutes; quality = G
Bournemouth 83 PAL LIVE 55 minutes; quality = G
London T&C 86 PAL LIVE 60 minutes; quality = VG
Royal Albert Hall 86 PAL LIVE 70 minutes; quality = VG
Melbourne 82 PAL LIVE 45 minutes; quality = G
G-Mex 88 PAL LIVE 70 minutes; quality = G
Reading Festival 89 PAL LIVE 80 minutes; quality = VG
M/cr Hacienda 86 PAL LIVE 60 minutes; quality = G
M/cr Hacienda 87 PAL LIVE 60 minutes; quality = G, also 60 minutes of Soundcheck
Minneapolis 83 PAL LIVE 65 minutes; quality = G
New york Pier 87 PAL LIVE 60 minutes; quality = Poor
Montreaux 93 (TV) PAL LIVE 70 minutes; quality = Excellent
Reading festival 93 PAL LIVE 90 minutes; quality = VG
Reading festival 98 PAL LIVE  
Blue Monday 83 PAL   Promo
Blue Monday PAL   Alternate (Made By A Fan???)


Switch 83 PAL TV Live 10 mins
Riverside 82 PAL TV Live 10 mins
Factory all stars PAL TV Live 10 mins, Barney on guitar
Play at home Documentary PAL TV Live performances 50 mins
Barney on Juke box jury PAL TV -
Top of the pops performing through the years PAL TV Blue Monday; Thieves like us; True faith; Regret; Ruined in a day; World; Fine time; Round&round
Blue Monday live 83 PAL TV Dutch T.V
Thieves like us live PAL TV Italian T.V
Celebration live PAL TV 30 minutes
Rock around the clock PAL TV Radio 1 live in studio 84 (25 mins)
Tube live 86 PAL TV 2 songs-10 mins
Whistle Test live 85 PAL TV 2 songs-8 minutes
Estoc de pop live 84 PAL TV Spanish T.V.-25 mins
Big world cafe live 89 PAL TV 10 mins
Peter Hook:Happy one PAL TV (unreleased song) live from OSM
Bernard Sumner star test Ch 4 PAL TV 25 mins
True faith live PAL TV Roxy
Regret live PAL TV from Veronicas countdown
Regret live PAL TV from Manchester Apollo 16.7.98
Reading 98 PAL TV ITV (Atmosphere, True Faith, WIM) Pro-Shot
Regret live PAL TV TFI Friday 98
Temptation 98 PAL TV Live From Commonwealth Games
60mph/Temptation PAL TV Live From Fuji Festival
Live from Cologne 2001 PAL TV video on CD-R
Hultsfred gig 2002 PAL TV Complete show from TV
Finbury Park live 2002 PAL TV from DVD
Here to stay PAL TV TOTP


Live from Brixton Academy 87 PAL VID 60 minutes
Pumped Full Of Drugs PAL VID Live from Tokyo 85 (60 minutes)
Taras Schevchenko PAL VID Live from Ukranian National Home 81 (50 minutes)
New Order story PAL VID 120 minutes
New Order clips PAL VID EGG promo; Truth promo; Ceremony promo; Your silent face promo (all live from Factory compilations)


Apollo CDR LIVE 16 July 98
Apollo CDR LIVE 16 July 98
Reading CDR LIVE 98
Ally Pally CDR LIVE  31/12/98
Reading CDR LIVE  93
Stockholm CDR LIVE 81
Rome CDR LIVE 17/6/82
Dreams Never End CDR LIVE England 1982
NY  CDR LIVE 1/8/85
Berkley CDR LIVE 19/9/87
Pittsburgh CDR LIVE 5/9/87
Lyon CDR LIVE 21/1/89
stravaganza(1)copia.jpg (31802 bytes) CDR   Western Works Demo (Dreams Never End-Homage-Ceremony (Sung by Stephen Morris)-Truth  (Sung by Stephen Morris)) / Haystack (a track the bands recorded as session musician with Kevin Hewick) / Perfect Kiss (early version live) / Skullcrusher (vocal live) / Theme / Sunrise (Instrumental Rough Mix) / As it is When It Was (Demo) / Let's Go (Studio Vocal demo 1985) / Love Kills (a very Neworderish Track with a rumored Hooky connection)
The Remix CDR   Subculture (Dubvulture mix)-Confusion (DMC mix)-Run 2 (extended mix)-Paradise (Bounty mix)-Ruined In A Day (Phased and Dazed)-Blue Monday (DJ only Club Mix)-True Faith (Bright Light Big City)-Temptation (Wildmix)-BLT (Married To The Mob Mix)-Megaorder (Megatrax mix 17'59'')-Sister Ray (Oz's live & Dangerous mix)
live from Liverpool July 2001 (with Billy Corgan) CDR    
live from Paris November 12th 2001 CDR    

Joy Division Video

Joy Division special PAL TV including all JD T.V. appearances (60 mins)
Monaco Live Tape




Toronto interview from radio CS   30 mins
T in the Park 97 CS LIVE  
Washington DC 97 CS LIVE  
El Rey, Los Angeles 97 CS LIVE  
Manchester University 97 CS LIVE With Lonesome Tonight as encore!!!!
Reading Festival 30-8-98 CS LIVE Including 3 new songs!!!
Monaco Video
Hook Interview from VH1 PAL VID 20 mins
Toronto interview PAL VID including short live footage, 5 mins
Live from El Rey Theatre, L.A PAL VID (first three songs) 15 mins VG
Promos PAL VID WDYWFM 2 versions, Sweet lips
Reading 98 PAL TV Cashmere, WDYWFM
Live At The TOTP PAL TV WDYWFM and Sweet Lips
Revenge Live Tape




I-Beam Show San Francisco 90 CS LIVE  
Heaton Park 91 CS LIVE  
London Marquee 93 CS LIVE Performing also Monaco Material!!!
Revenge Video
7 Reasons, Pineapple Face, Deadbeat promos PAL VID promos
Jesus I love you and Slave PAL VID promo
Live from Cologne '90 PAL VID 60 mins, TV promo
Live from Junction Cambridge '90 PAL VID 50 mins
Live from Newcastle Riverside '90 PAL VID 50 mins VG
Bleachman PAL VID live from Manchester Heaton park

Electronic Live Tape




Glasgow Borrowlands 91 CS LIVE  
Wembley Arena 91 CS LIVE  
Heaton Park 91 CS LIVE  

Electronic Video

Feel every beat PAL VID live from Manchester Heaton park
For You PAL VID Promo
Promos PAL VID from the first album plus Forbidden city
Top of the Pops PAL VID Various Top of the pops appearance during 1991-92
Vivid PAL VID live from TFI Friday and TOTP
Vivid PAL VID Promo
Late At Night PAL VID Promo


You Can Fly PAL VID Promo
Superhighways PAL VID Promo

Various Video

And God Created Manchester PAL TV Rockumentary (Mainly about NO and JD)
Sub Sub with Bernard PAL VID This Time I Am Not Wrong

London Astoria Monaco 1997

Click photo for full size

photomanuelAstoria.jpg (23306 bytes)

Hooky and Manuel for the first time!!!!!!

There u go again, a lucky fan, Manuel Caviglia, Apollo Manchester July 16, 1998.

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are    u    lucky

Two with Michael outside the Apollo and one with me , Barney and another fan at the Apollo aftershow party

manuel2copia.jpg (56244 bytes)    manuel1copia.jpg (34026 bytes)    manuel3copia.jpg (53377 bytes)

Apollo Tales from Manuel: I arrived in Manchester at 12.30. I decided to go to the venue to take my circle tickets from the box office and to find an accommodation for the night, before going at Dry to meet other listers. Just got off the bus we (I  was with my Italian friend Michael )saw the New order stage truck and behind this near the backstage exit there was Hooky!!! He almost recognized us from the Monaco gig in September. We took pictures and showed him a little present we had for Barney. It was a picture of Barney done with my PC showing him dressed as Nosferatu the vampire....A movie that he used to like a lot....Like me! Hooky laugh at this picture and asked us about the tickets and as we told him we had circle tickets he kindly gave us STANDING tickets! Great HOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After a while we saw Bernard coming on his BMW! It was the first time we saw him.....I cant describe the emotion... We took pictures and gave him the Nosferatu that he seemed to like. Hooky gave us a suggestion for the accommodation. Then they went to soundcheck. After we found the Hooky accommodation and have a meal we returned to the venue. MTV crew was there to interview the band and they also interviewed us about New Order!!! Has anyone seen this one? When they finished the soundcheck we met Stephen and Gillian and speak again with Barney. He didn't seem to know much about the boxed set apart that it could have new material on it. He told us the new Electronic album is almost done...The title should be TWISTED TENDERNESS. New order will record new material and a New album will be. So I asked him..."So New order are back!" "Yes definitely" was his answer! We asked him if we could have after show passes and he told to Rob Gretton: "Hey Rob where can these guys go tonight?". Then Rob gave us the passes....I just couldn't believe how kind they have been! Then after they went away about at 5.30PM we went in front of the venue to wait. The support bands Gabrielles wish and the Doves(ex Sub Sub) were really good. A lot has been told about the Apollo gig.....We were in front of the stage....It wasn't easy to survive but we did. The show was great. New order were really happy to play and the gig was astonishing! The set list was great (apart for missing my favorite song Perfect kiss) and unexpected. At the end Barney and Hooky reached their sons backstage. Hooky did let his son Jack playing a note or two on his bass! The gig has been filmed by a pair of roadies and also recorded from the mixing desk. The after show was really funny. We met Tony Wilson and my friend Michael gave him a demo of his own band! Then we met Pottsy....We asked him to sing some of the new songs for us and HE DID!!!!(He sang Cashmere) He told us that Cashmere shouldn't be the new single....They have to decide it yet. Hooky and Barney asked us about our accommodation and talk with us for a while. We have also seen Barney and Pottsy talking together. Then it was time to leave.....We said hello to Bernie and instead of saying hello he began talking again with us.....We talked about Nosferatu, how he liked Italy, about the Regret video in Rome......He was very nice and kind... Barney usually isn't this way with fans but that night was very special for him. He was very happy about New Order reunion. At the end we asked to Peter if they will release the video of the gig and he said no. That the video was for the band. I told him: "Ok bring me a copy of that video at Reading!" He laughed and obviously he answered me in a perfect Hooky style: "Sure....Bring me 50 quids" Then we walked away and Hooky shouted to us: " Hey !!! Arrivederci" (it means goodbye in Italian) You can guess how Hooky know this Italian word...... Arrivederci for one on one!

Reading Monaco 1998

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Rock    Me

Reading Backstage with THE OTHER TWO (Steven Morris and Gillian Gilbert)

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photomanuelO2.jpg (19963 bytes)

photomanuelO2Mic.jpg (37302 bytes)

With Manuel

With Michael

Reading Backstage with Manuel, Pottsy and Barney

Lucky You

1998, Manuel Caviglia

Hi all, Finally I have got the first picture in the world including Barney and Pottsy together. I was at the Reading after show. Pottsy was sitting on the floor near to Stephen and Gillian. Barney was walking near to him. Pottsy to get his attention pinch Barney's grasp! I absolutely wanted to get a picture with them but Barney seemed quite tired and not in such a good mood. While they were talking together I asked to Pottsy if he could give to Hooky a little present I had to him(Hooky's face on 50 pounds) because Peter was gone. Pottsy showed it to Bernard and he smiled and liked it a lot. So I thought it was a good moment to ask for the picture......That's it.

Reading Tales from Manuel: The ideal beginning of my story is the end of the Apollo one when at the after show party I told Hooky: "Ok bring me the APOLLO VIDEO at Reading" He answered me: "Sure, bring me 50quid!". Even if I knew that meeting the band at a festival was really hard I have decided to bring at the festival a 50 pounds photocopy with Hooky' s face instead of the queen's one and with quid written on it instead of pounds! After seeing Monaco (a really good gig....Cashmere is really great!) I began hanging around the forbidden areas but obviously nobody wanted to get me in.....Nobody until I show my 50quid for Hooky! Infact after various tries just showing the quid I got a Mean fiddler guest wristband! I met Pottsy, Neil Tennant, Keith Allen. Then I went to see New order......Should I say how great it has been? After the gig I returned back to the guest area and Keith Allen told that Barney was coming to see us (I was with my friend from Parma Michael) and he did! He recognized us, he remembered our Nosferatu Sumner pics. We was waiting for Hooky to give him the 50 quid but he didn't appear. Anyway Barney told us that he isn't sure about boxed-set being released....He didn't know so much about this. Then we met Arthur Baker who told us that the videos (He recorded also Reading) WONT BE RELEASED because they are just for the band. We were very happy even without giving Hooky the 50 quid but before leaving we met a very great person close to the band who got us in to the after show party. Sadly Hooky was already gone so I gave the 50 quid to Pottsy. We have seen Pottsy and Barney talking very friendly......Barney hand in hand with Gillian....They all really seemed happy with each other. I even take a picture with Barney and Pottsy (together!). Hopefully Hooky will receive our 50 quid as well as my address so he will be able to send me the video....So I told him in the letter with the quid....But I think that the best I can get is a fuck-off letter! Then Barney , Steve and Gillian went away..... Keith Allen told us how to go to the Reading station......And our night was over. I hope I will be able to see New Order one day or another.....

one love