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İFAC441 1998-2005 v5.3


First Name   David
Last Name   Potts
Nick Name   Printable one "Pottsy"
Date Of Birth   15/07/1970
Place Of Birth   Farnworth, Boltom. Hmmm
Favorite Color   Blue
Favorite Dish   Indian - Fish Makhan
Favorite Car   My very own Citroen DS 1974
Favorite Movie  Two For The Road Albert Finney & Audrey Heartburn
Favorite Book   The Diving-Bell And The Butterfly - Tragic But Great
Favorite Band   Ping Pong Pang
Favorite Single / Album   Live Forever - Oasis / The White Album - The Beatles
Favorite Music Video   Brushed - Paul Weller (Made By Lawrence Watson)
Favorite Country visited   France / US
Favorite Live Experience With Monaco   Glastonbury / MCR University BBC gig
Favorite Monaco Song a mile
Favorite Joy Division Song   Disorder
Favorite New Order Song   Procession
Instrument used with Monaco   Drums/GTR/Keys/Bass/Vox