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July 16, 1998

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are    u    lucky

There u go, a lucky fan, Manuel Caviglia, Apollo Manchester July 16, 1998.

Two with Michael outside the Apollo and one with me , Barney and another fan at the Apollo aftershow party

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Apollo Tales from Manuel: I arrived in Manchester at 12.30. I decided to go to the venue to take my circle tickets from the box office and to find an accommodation for the night, before going at Dry to meet other listers. Just got off the bus we (I  was with my Italian friend Michael )saw the New order stage truck and behind this near the backstage exit there was Hooky!!! He almost recognized us from the Monaco gig in September. We took pictures and showed him a little present we had for Barney. It was a picture of Barney done with my PC showing him dressed as Nosferatu the vampire....A movie that he used to like a lot....Like me! Hooky laugh at this picture and asked us about the tickets and as we told him we had circle tickets he kindly gave us STANDING tickets! Great HOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After a while we saw Bernard coming on his BMW! It was the first time we saw him.....I cant describe the emotion... We took pictures and gave him the Nosferatu that he seemed to like. Hooky gave us a suggestion for the accommodation. Then they went to soundcheck. After we found the Hooky accommodation and have a meal we returned to the venue. MTV crew was there to interview the band and they also interviewed us about New Order!!! Has anyone seen this one? When they finished the soundcheck we met Stephen and Gillian and speak again with Barney. He didn't seem to know much about the boxed set apart that it could have new material on it. He told us the new Electronic album is almost done...The title should be TWISTED TENDERNESS. New order will record new material and a New album will be. So I asked him..."So New order are back!" "Yes definitely" was his answer! We asked him if we could have after show passes and he told to Rob Gretton: "Hey Rob where can these guys go tonight?". Then Rob gave us the passes....I just couldn't believe how kind they have been! Then after they went away about at 5.30PM we went in front of the venue to wait. The support bands Gabrielles wish and the Doves(ex Sub Sub) were really good. A lot has been told about the Apollo gig.....We were in front of the stage....It wasn't easy to survive but we did. The show was great. New order were really happy to play and the gig was astonishing! The set list was great (apart for missing my favorite song Perfect kiss) and unexpected. At the end Barney and Hooky reached their sons backstage. Hooky did let his son Jack playing a note or two on his bass! The gig has been filmed by a pair of roadies and also recorded from the mixing desk. The after show was really funny. We met Tony Wilson and my friend Michael gave him a demo of his own band! Then we met Pottsy....We asked him to sing some of the new songs for us and HE DID!!!!(He sang Cashmere) He told us that Cashmere shouldn't be the new single....They have to decide it yet. Hooky and Barney asked us about our accommodation and talk with us for a while. We have also seen Barney and Pottsy talking together. Then it was time to leave.....We said hello to Bernie and instead of saying hello he began talking again with us.....We talked about Nosferatu, how he liked Italy, about the Regret video in Rome......He was very nice and kind... Barney usually isn't this way with fans but that night was very special for him. He was very happy about New Order reunion. At the end we asked to Peter if they will release the video of the gig and he said no. That the video was for the band. I told him: "Ok bring me a copy of that video at Reading!" He laughed and obviously he answered me in a perfect Hooky style: "Sure....Bring me 50 quids" Then we walked away and Hooky shouted to us: " Hey !!! Arrivederci" (it means goodbye in Italian) You can guess how Hooky know this Italian word...... Arrivederci for one on one!