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JOHNNY MARR JANUARY 2000. Questions and Answers coming from Johnny Marr website

Did you play any concerts in support of Raise ThePressure?
No.We did play at Wembley in London around the time we were recording it.

Was there a video for Second Nature?
No,it's a pity,'cos I like that song.

Was is your favorite track?
My favourite Electronic song is "Get The Message".

How do you play "Forbidden City" with the guitar?
.Forbidden City is quite straight forward;D-G-D-G-A-G-D,Gm7-Am7-D-Gm7-Am7-D.

Johnny, How would u like to be remembered????
I'd like to be remembered for turning people onto something, you know?.

What kind of subject would u like to talk about beside music???
I like to talk about all sorts of things, in fact sometimes I wish that people would get on a different tip now and then; the world, philosophy, magic, life and
death (laughs)

I give u the power of only one Wish...Pick one???
If I had one wish it would probably involve turning the world into some sort of Nirvana where everyone respects everyone else and has a good time, seriously! (laughs).

Was Joy Division a big influence?
I liked Joy Division a lot although I wouldn't say they were an influence.

Do you play any Harmonica on the new album "Twisted Tenderness"??
I play harmonica on a song called "Vivid" on the Electronic album.

What are your thoughts regarding how the album turned out and if there are any plans in the future for Electronic to record again?
I was really happy with the way the album turned out. I think me and Bernard could do some more good stuff in the future.

Is there live "Electronic" material on video and audio?
There is a live recording from Heaton Park in Manchester from '94 I think. I'm not really into digging up stuff from the past though.

When did you perform live on TV in support of Twisted Tenderness?
Did Electronic ever 'officially' breakup?

We did the "Haze" live on the Jo Wylie show which I think is the best we ever sounded, with Phil Cunningham from Marion on guitar, also, T.F.I Friday doing "Vivid" and Top Of The Pops live. Electronic haven't officially broken up, people are very interested in "break ups' aren't they? (laughs)

Can you tell more us about Twisted Tenderness???
The last Electronic album was more guitar based because I think I'd come to the end of a phase of experimenting and learning about other areas of music
and making records. I wrote a lot on guitar and it just came together naturally. The album was also done with a band, Ged Lynch on drums and Jimi Goodwin on bass and I think that makes it different from the others. We do have some good tracks around that Parlophone might put out on a compilation some time, I hope they come out anyway.

Why Electronic didn't tour ?
We didn't tour because we didn't really have a regular band until the last album and also, I have to be drugged and kidnapped to get me out of the studio.

your favorites clothes, and your favorites movies???
The clothes I like are kind of a mixture, I think girls stuff is far more interesting than boys, desert boots, silk shirts, suede trousers, vintage 70's levis or
Wranglers. I've got a clothes company called "Elk" so, obviously,I like our stuff as well. I like the movie "Altered States", "Once Upon A Time in America","Performance" and some others.

When and where did you meet Bernard Sumner (Albrect, Dicken, etc)?

I first met Bernard in 1982 when he was producing a record for Mike Pickerings band, "Quando Quango", I played on a song called "Atom Rock".

What is your favorite New Order song?
"In A Lonely Place" is my favourite New Order song, I also like "Fine Time".