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Max Warner: We're here with Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner of ELECTRONIC.

Elctrnic: Hello From Bernard & Johnny!

Question From Nexland: Barney, Johnny: can U tell me the story with George Michael? Where did U meet him??? It's funny because I saw a picture of Peter Hook with Barry White. That is cool

Elctrnic: He was cutting his new record at the same studio we were in. He's a nice guy, actually.

Question From Embody123: Bernie: what's the nicest thing about working with Marr (Marr: Vice Versa)?

Elctrnic: Johnny never calls me Bernie

Question From NewOrder3: I would like to know whether any concerts will be scheduled in 1996 and who is the author of the paragraphs in the CD of "Raise The Pressure"?

Elctrnic: At the moment we're looking for the right musicians. We'd like to see everybody.

Bernard wrote the text inside the album.

Question From SeanJorda: Will either of you be doing any production work in the near future? Barney: I just listened to your SHARK VEGAS, TECHNOTRONIC, and BEAT CLUB tracks today.

Elctrnic: You really know your stuff. I would like to concentrate on Electronic.

Question From BigBoy666: What do _you_ listen to?

Elctrnic: We mostly listen to European dance music and older good rock stuff: Stones 2000

Light Years, Bowie/Eno Be My Wife.

Question From APinto65: How did it happen that Neil Tennant did not join up with you on this CD? It still is fabulous, but I was just curious?

Elctrnic: Electronic is Johnny and Benard. Neil is a guest artist -- Johnny is on the new PSB's album. On this album Karl Bartos from Kraftwerk is the guest.

Question From Nexland: Barney, Johnny: How are U tonight???

Elctrnic: Really Groovy

Question From SeanJorda: How did you guys like TRAINSPOTTING? and Barney: Did you like the use of TEMPTATION in the film?

Elctrnic: It's a great film. It opens Friday in the U.S. I was proud to be associated with it.

Question AJ Wells: Hey Barney... how is the jogging coming along? Any Olympic hopes?

Elctrnic: I'm meeting up with Ben Johnson's dealer tonight so I should be ok!

Question From Embody123: Marr: what do you think of MOJO magazine's listing you in the top 25 greatest guitar players of all time?

Elctrnic: Who's this Hendrix bloke?

Question From LLabo2909: Johnny: will you ever be joining Morrissey for a reunion tour with the Smiths. Please say yes!!!!!!!!!!

Elctrnic: Sure Boris, do you see any quiffs about?

Question From AJ Wells: Barney: what ever happened to Section 25? Or Shark Vegas? Or Stexx? Or 52 Street?

Elctrnic: All in mental institutions I think. Honestly!

Question From BBMountai: I've heard that Johnny's been websurfing lately and I was wondering if Bernard has also? And what do you both think of the web sites fans create about you?

Elctrnic: Johnny's quite into the web. We intend to make our sites more personal and as informative as possible. We're into it!

Question From Jester000: Johnny: I was wondering what gave you the idea for the whales used in "last night I dreamt...."

Elctrnic: The sound is actually a protest march sound effect slowed right down. Angry unemployed.

Question From Embody123: How long did the new album take?

Elctrnic: The new album took two years to make but it only feels like one year and eleven months.

Question From PULPTALEN: What is the most succesful song in your career?

Elctrnic: How Soon Is Monday

Question From Annabel150: How's life in the fast world?

Elctrnic: Slow

Question From CADS1: Are you guys in NYC?

Elctrnic: Yes

Question From Cphel: Bernard: Is New Order no more? Johnny and Bernard: Why no PSB involvement?

Elctrnic: Not quite sure about that one. PSB's were guests.

Question From Nexland: Do you feel any pressure with a new album?

Elctrnic: I hope that's not a joke.

Question From Femboheme: I love (actually worship) the new album. I also love the b-sides. Do you have any good instrumentals on any upcomming singles for us?

Elctrnic: We're gonna do some new stuff soon. We're really glad you like the new Album. Thanks.

Question From CanadaBil: You guys have had awesome careers!! I've been a fan of both since day one. Bernie, is it true that you (New Order) own a bar on one of the islands off the coast of Spain? I'd like to go.

Elctrnic: We don't own a bar in Spain ... Well not that I know of anyway. We recorded Technique in Ibiza, Spain.

Question From Jcorker: Bernard: Any relation to Sting?

Elctrnic: He's my great Grandfather actually!

Question From Kcleary: Your music style is not necessarily the most accessible or popular in today's music scene when compared with what's on the charts -- i.e. grunge, hard rock. Do you see that as a positive or negative when you go into the studio and/or when you tour?

Elctrnic: There should always be a place for someone who is different.

Question From CADS1: At the end of "Get the Message" what are you saying?

Elctrnic: I am saying "Living on peanuts ain't my scene/shame that word rhymes with mean"

Question From FBrowniii: Do you guys care what radio thinks of your eclectic mix of styles? We won't tell therecord company execs :)

Elctrnic: No

Question From Femboheme: Who writes the lyrics? music? Is it a mix or is there a majority -- one does more of one thing than the other?

Elctrnic: We both write the music and Bernard writes the lyrics.

Question From NewOrder3: to Bernard: What do you think of the compilation tribute to Joy Division? are you flattered?

Elctrnic: I was touched by the gesture

Question From LLabo2909: Johnny: as usual you have great taste in music. Is it true that you went guitar shopping with Noel from Oasis?

Elctrnic: Yeah I did. But in future, Noel can take his cheque book

Question From Lucozade: heard you're both insatiable gossips. any new dish?

Elctrnic: ok .. Prince Charles is Ice T's lover! it's true!

Question From Bridge bo: would you guys consider yourselves closer to christians or zen budhists??

Elctrnic: Were from The Church Of The "Not To Bothered"

Question From HammoFam: How do you compare the bands of the 90's w/the bands of the 80's? Honestly, do you miss the 80's?

Elctrnic: We both really miss Flock Of Seagulls and Wang Chung! It's really sad.

Question From SJacobs62: what is your favorite band?

Elctrnic: We don't really have one favourite band.

Elctrnic: We're going now, thanks to everybody who's supported us in the past and hopefully we'll be in touch one way or other soon! Take care.

Max Warner: Bernard and Johnny, thanks for coming.

Elctrnic: Cheers!


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